The Price is the thing. Getting maximum value for your home. Part 5

Why not try a higher price for a couple of weeks?

If you knowingly chose to over price your home, you would be overpriced during the period of highest potential for buyer activity.  You would then lower the price after buyers have already seen your home and decided not to preview it.

Price it right during the initial phase of exposure in order to capture the best buyers.

The benefits of pricing your home to sell.

Remember your last move? How long was your home on the market?  What was it like to keep your home ready for showings all the time?

Did you know that up to 60% of sales are generated by cooperating agents? Overpricing will deter them showing it to their prospects. Proper pricing increases the response we get from the market.

When a home is priced right, buyers get excited and make higher offers.


· Faster sale

· Less inconvenience

· Increased salesperson response

· More Internet response

· Better sign and ad response

· Avoids being “shopworn”

· Attracts higher offers

· Means MORE MONEY to sellers