Seller’s Tips

Pretty as a Picture

Inside and out, your home needs to be represented by great quality photos.  Make sure any picture of your home puts your best foot forward.  Buyers will pass on homes that show poorly from photos.  Pictures should be from different angles and times of day.  If you don’t like the photos used by your agent let them know.

Clean as a Whistle

Buyers automatically think that a dirty home needs repairs when really all that is needed is a little straightening up.  First impressions are the most important and if you home does not put its best foot forward in the beginning agents will avoid showing it.  Without showings there won’t be sales.  Also make sure there are no unpleasant odors since that is the first thing a buyer notices.  Make sure there is plenty of fresh air ventilation.  You can use air fresheners or fresh baked cookies always leave a great aroma!

Curb Appeal

Poor curb appeal means most buyers won’t even look inside.  Taking the time to prepare your home to the best of your ability means more return on your sale and in a shorter timeframe.

Pay attention to exterior items to get the buyer’s attention so they will want to visit inside.

  • Outdoor lighting makes the home inviting in the evenings–when many buyers do drive-bys of properties.
  • Install a more attractive front door, maybe something with leaded glass inserts. Or, simply buy more attractive door hardware if yours isn’t appealing.  When all else fails, a fresh coat of paint or stain, along with polished hardware, will brighten up a dingy entryway.
  • Sweep the driveway and pressure wash the house or sidewalks if necessary.
  • Enhance landscaping if possible.
  • Stow away unnecessary garden implements and tools.
  • Clean windows and gutters.
  • Pressure wash dirty siding and dingy decks.
  • Edge sidewalks and remove vegetation growing between concrete or bricks.
  • Mow the lawn. Get rid of weeds.
  • Rake and dispose of leaves, even if your lot is wooded.
  • Trim tree limbs that are near or touching the home’s roof
  • If you can budget it, a fresh paint job does wonders for a dingy house. Drive around your town to find color schemes that are appealing.
  • Clean the drain gutters. Buyers nearly always comment if gutters are full of leaves and it makes them question other maintenance issues.

Bathrooms and Kitchens Need Fresh Look

A kitchen really shines with new appliances as well as new cabinet hardware.  Glass doors on kitchen cabinets give them that new look and adding lighting inside cabinets adds soft appeal.  If this is not in your budget, painting kitchen cabinets can be a small investment that updates the kitchen.

Light it Up

Anything you can do to brighten up your rooms with light will do wonders.  Add a skylight if possible or upgrade your light fixtures to enhance your home.  Remove heavy drapes to let the sunshine in as well as the great view.


Clear kitchen countertops and remove small appliances and anything else sitting on tables.  Remove photographs and other small items from table-tops.  Put away personal collections to depersonalize your home so buyers can see themselves living there.  Organize your closets and cabinets in case buyers peek.

Give ‘em Room

Remove excess furniture so the rooms seem larger.  Store boxes out of the way or rent a temporary storage unit if necessary.

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