Renovations That Pay!


According to RISMedia housecall not all home renovations are equal!  ROI or return on investment is different for every upgrade or renovation that you might consider.  This is especially important if you are considering doing this to make your home more appealing.

Prospective buyers will usually focus on the kitchen and the bathrooms.  A kitchen that is budgeted for 6 to 10 percent of the total home value will get you the highest ROI.  This makes the kitchen the best room in the house to make ready for selling your home.

These are the top 5 projects in priority for receiving the best return on investment.  They are as follows:

  • Replace the Front Door
  • Install a New Fireplace
  • Remodel the Kitchen
  • Convert the Attic Into a Bedroom
  • Replace the Exterior Siding

If you are interested in the simplest and most inexpensive renovation ideas, focus on these.

  • Fix All Windows and Doors
  • Wash Down and Paint Walls
  • Update Lighting Fixtures
  • Replace Worn and Old Carpets