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Got Mortgage Rate Resentment? Here’s How To Cope (and Get a Lower Rate)

By Lisa Marie Conklin Nov 16, 2023 Homeowners often love to humble-brag about various aspects of their abode, from the size of their primary suite to just how many cars can fit in their garage. But the latest boast has nothing to do with square footage and everything to do with numbers—today’s homeowners like to boast their […]

Bargain Hunters, Rejoice: Top 20 Emerging Housing Markets Deliver 

By Clare Trapasso The top emerging housing markets in America this fall have one key thing in common: They’re generally places where buyers can still find an affordably priced home. The No. 1 market this fall is Topeka, KS, according to the quarterly Wall Street Journal/Realtor.com® Emerging Housing Markets Index. The capital of Kansas boasts a median home […]

Is the Housing Market Overvalued? What Buyers Need To Know

By Clare Trapasso Oct 9, 2023 Is the housing market overvalued? It’s an increasingly fraught question, and the answer might depend on who’s being asked. Some real estate experts believe home prices are well above what they should be and expect them to begin coming down. Others think the high prices make sense given how many […]

Laps of Luxury: The Priciest Neighborhoods To Buy a Home—State by State

TRENDS Laps of Luxury: The Priciest Neighborhoods To Buy a Home—State by State  By Evan Wyloge Nov 14, 2023 There’s a quiet but undeniable thrill that comes from browsing photos and taking virtual tours of the most opulent properties in America. It’s a hobby less about browsing for a home and more about the fantasy—unless you’re […]


By Jessica Lautz October 6, 2023 It was never the avocado toast and cappuccino. The joke of millennials not buying homes in favor of overpriced coffee is an entrenched myth. It is important to break down what is really going on, what the numbers are and what the measures mean. Looking at the U.S. population […]

Roof Design Tips To Ensure It Matches Your Home Exterior

Designing the perfect roof for your home is more than just about protection. It’s about creating a harmonious blend of style, color, and function that complements your overall home exterior. As a homeowner, ensuring your roof design matches your home’s aesthetic can significantly enhance curb appeal, potentially increasing property value and setting your home apart […]

Mortgage Rates Have Just Abruptly Reversed Course—Will It Last?

By Margaret Heidenry Nov 3, 2023 After rising for seven weeks straight, mortgage rates have finally hit a speed bump, falling to 7.76 % on average for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage as of Nov. 2, according to Freddie Mac. This hiccup comes on the heels of the Federal Reserve’s announcement on Nov. 1 to not raise benchmark interest […]

Housing Costs Have Just Hit a ‘New Record’: Here’s What That Adds Up to in Dollars and Cents

By Margaret Heidenry Nov 2, 2023 With mortgage interest rates hitting record highs not seen in decades and quickly approaching 8%, many might wonder: How much more does it actually cost to buy a house today? According to a new report by Realtor.com®, the monthly cost of financing 80% of a typical home jumped by $166 in October compared with this […]