Does this look like a Chic-fil-A?

My first memory of Chic-fil-A in the Columbia area was at Dutch Square Mall near the current AMC theaters.  The Chic-fil-A was in a food court area and was usually busy selling their staple of Chic-fil-A sandwiches, waffle fries, nuggets, brownies; oh well you know what they serve.  There are at least seven Chic-fil-A’s in the greater Columbia area and they really stay busy.  Is there room for one more?  There appears to be a new one under construction at the busy and growing intersection of I-20 and US Hwy. 378.  next to the Wingate Hotel on Saluda Pointe Ct.  It should do well as there is a significant amount of traffic daily in this area.  Not to mention three new schools nearby and the probability of more businesses and homes in the coming years.  So remember when you are stuck in traffic in this area, you can at least enjoy a Chic-fil-A sandwich.