Don’t Do This When Selling Your Home

Time to put your home on the market and that calls for a professional and professional advice for getting your home market ready.  There are things to do for sure but there are things not to do or over do as well.  Here are some suggestions to consider in that regard.  RISmedia’s housecall has these suggestions.


Do not over-improve.

Automatically when you are getting your home ready for sale you think about getting a return on the investment you have made with just a few improvements.  You can update appliances and make repairs to your bathroom and kitchen.  Best not to over improve or be too specific in tastes.  Keep your rooms useful for their original purpose so you can appeal to the most number of buyers.  Make only the repairs or updates that are necessary and do not go overboard!


Don’t over-decorate.

You can over-decorate just like you can over-improve.  Think about your potential buyers and keep your taste simple.  Using neutral décor for your decorating scheme will be the most appealing.


Don’t hang around.

When your agent calls with a buyer to bring to your home, best to make yourself and your family scarce.  If you want buyers to take the most time imagining your home as theirs, they need the freedom to spend time alone and not be under pressure.  Should you not be able to leave make yourself scarce in a corner of the backyard.


Don’t take things personal.

Remember selling and buying a home is a very emotional time.  So don’t take things personal.  If you get a much lesser offer than you expected or a request to replace the carpet that you just loved,  keep in mind that the buyer just wants to do what they believe is in their best interest.  Depend on your real estate professional to do the same for you.